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Dare to disrupt

Since 2002 we have been developing digital solutions for future-minded organisations. Tell us about your challenges, let us know your data and multiply these with our experience and innovative strength. We like to think big by translating digital challenges into smart solutions with clear goals and measurable results.

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Online ambition with impact

Our story is clear, our questions are critical. We believe in applications that work, managementinformation that presents itself and userfriendly websites. We start of small, do our homework, talk with target audiences and rule out assumptions. We use Agile on a daily basis and start each morning evaluating and communicating; what went well, what can be improved?

From the beginning of each project, clients are involved in every sprint. By working this way we prevent unexpected surprises and make sure we're all heading in the same direction. Even the most complex projects can be broken down into smaller, simple bits and pieces.

Would you like to experience the impact digital innovation can have on your organisation? Our coffee is always fresh & ready!

How we roll

1. Let's sync

Speaking the same language, personal contact, getting on the same page; during the start-up phase of each project, we want to get clear what your business is about. By being a creative partner and by asking many questions, we translate your ideas and complex data into clear goals.

2. Check, check, double check

What chances and challenges lay ahead on our road towards the desired solution? Our tech-masters make a clear analysis to learn all there is to learn and which details not to overlook, so everyone knows what additional homework needs to be done. Getting a clear picture before we get started is essential in creating a proposal that really fits.

3. Take off!

As soon as everything is clear, we take off! We regularly check if our "work in progress" meets all requirements and you will be closely involved during development, making sure we are following the right track. Working together as a team is critical to achieving the best results.

4. Succeed

The work isn't over after we reached the finish line. How can we enthuse your target audiences and keep your internal organisation happy? Feedback and evaluation bring opportunities to keep finetuning and improving. 

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