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Prevent spam issues

more spam because of stricter rules

Possible spam issues?

What can you do to prevent this?

Recently, our developers discovered deviations in the way spam mail is dealt with. In short, a lot more mails are blocked nowedays by providers. Unfortunately this can have consequences for mails sent from your website and/ or web application. This causes the following situation:

  1. A form on your website/ web application is sent, but no confirmation of the form is received;
  2. A newsletter is not received;
  3. A subscription to your newsletter is not received.

Where can it go wrong?

Ivengi only has limited influence whether mails arrive or not. This because multiple factors are of infuence:

  1. The content of a mail; which text do you use?
  2. Mailtemplate: which layout is being used?
  3. Spamfilter of the sending provider;
  4. Spamfilter of the receiving provider.

What can you do?
We have gathered a couple of hints to ensure that there is a smaller change mails being categorized as spam:

  1. Let you IT-manager check a couple ot things: Are you using iMail and/ or iForm and are internal SPF-records for iManager added? Is it possible to secure mail through SPF, DKIM and DMARC?
  2. Check on a regular basis results from iForm, to ensure if automatic replies are received;
  3. Let Ivengi check your mail template; this would cost us 1-2 hours of work, in which we can investigate of settings can be improved;
  4. Check in your mail environment in the folder "spam" on a regular basis to ensure or mails are delivered that are correct;
  5. Enhance the content of mailings to larger address books, prevent sending attachments, be carefull with exclamation marks, capital letters, symbols and prevent  
    van mailing naar grotere groepen; voorkom het toevoegen van bijlagen, wees voorzichtig met uitroeptekens, hoofdletters en symbolen en voorkom abbreviated URLs.

We would like to hear if you have any questions about thie information above,or you need support.
Should we notice issues with your mailings through our monitoring tools, we will personally contact you.

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