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About Leolux

For 80 years, Leolux’s specialists have been challenged by designers and artists alike to transform innovative ideas regarding shape, materials and comfort to high-quality seating furniture.

Leolux doesn’t produce to stock. Instead they prefer to produce furniture to the exact preferences of the customer. The choices are near limitless with options for every model. Comfort options, fabrics and colours for virtually every part of the item are all customisable. In total, there are over a billion possibilities. Every hyper-customised piece of furniture is ready for delivery in six to eight weeks thanks to local production facilities and optimised logistical systems. This is how Leolux creates unique furniture for unique people.

The Challenge

Leolux is an organisation that creates exclusive customised furniture. Employees are located throughout offices, warehouses, production facilities and various other locations. A significant portion of the employees have limited interactions with computers. And when they do it’s often only with computers that are specifically designed for the production process. On top of this there’s a wide range of age and digital abilities among employees. As a result, internal communication has posed challenging in the past. The importance of efficient and effective internal communications was magnified when Covid-19 strained the capabilities of the existing communication tools.

The solution

The goal we set out was to realise an ever evolving, flexible intranet that activates and enables employees. For Leolux it was imperative to avoid an intranet reaching its limits by changing needs after one of two years.

Phased growth

The project kicked-off with a thorough research to find out what information needed to be shared from the hierarchy down and to find out department specific requirements. “Phase 1” was defined after analysing the requirements. It was decided that the emphasis `for the first phase had to be on informing, rather than the social aspect of an intranet. The priority was familiarising employees with the new platform and having them realise it’s the source for all current relevant information. Naturally, all standard functionalities like the employee handbook and a who’s-who were also included in the platform.

The next phase will see the platform scale up to include “social features” that enable and encourage interaction among colleagues. Encouraging the sharing of knowledge will play a big part here.

Harold Lunenburg
“Our new intranet has allowed us to share news and information much quicker than before, which is very important for ‘the new way of working’ and improving communication with employees”.

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