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SignaLEREN app

Reduction of preventable tension with the app.

About Koraal

Koraal operates in the domains of youth-care, disability-care, tailored education, social workspaces and social day-care. The organisation has various locations that bolster the wellbeing of mentally- and/or physically challenged youths and adults by providing care, education and work.

What’s technically possible to improves the lives of those who are mentally, physically and/or psychosocially challenged? This is a question that Koraal and Ivengi take very seriously.

The Challenge

Clients of “de Hondsberg” (one of Koraal’s branches) are regularly asked by their caretakers how they feel and what they can do to help them cope with their mental state. The group leader will create a plan of action with the client according to a unique self-developed methodology. Previously, every client had their own plan of action on paper. However it has proved to be of limited benefit as it doesn’t influence the clients mental state as much as intended, nor does it encourage interaction wit the caretaker. Koraal has asked Ivengi to create an app to realise the potential of their methodology.

The Solution

Based on an existing prototype, Ivengi created a set of wireframes to match the technical possibilities with the functionalities required by the target audience. After extensive testing, an accessible and user friendly design was created. The result is an app that can be downloaded in the App- and Playstore for use by the clients of Koraal and any other organisation that supports challenged youths.

Mattijs, 8 years old: ”When I feel bad, I click on my tablet on the app. Then I can show how I feel. And the app gives me tips on what I can do to calm down”.

The app helps preventing a tilt in mental states. Users are taught to open the app when they feel their mental state changing in any way. The app will ask how the client is feeling, after which a pre-defined set of actions (unique for every user) is set in motion. A possible action for a user could be to watch a video of their mother who tells a story or a joke or to initiate a breathing exercise. Based on various statistics and reports, the treatment of the client can be improved.

Watch The video about the app. 

Also available for your organisation

Based on the experience of Koraal, the enormous potential quickly became clear. That’s why it was decided to continuously develop the solution and to make it available for other care or educational organisations.

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